Bringing Back the Values of the Good Old Days

We are experiencing today a state of moral corruption. This is evident in the kind of governance our state leadership is tucked in – a leadership that has caused and continues to cause a rift among the members of the populace. If we are to make an assessment, each person goes his own way, being torn apart by personal ideologies and personal advancement, empty of common interest. Gone are the days, when the flow of life was unbridled by confusion, by turmoil and economic dislocation. Where have all the values gone?

Sizing up the state of the nation’s values today, the trend has been going negative. Today we are rocked in the fabric of illicit acts ranging from hypocrisy, dishonesty, greed, and all other things vicious, bringing the country’s setup into a state of degradation, veering away from the positive values that were once the glories of the good old days. But how should these values return?

First, let us examine our family values. Are they in consonance with the standards of right reason? The upbringing of a child emanates initially at the home, thus parents should be cognizant of the good values that make life sound and healthy.

Second, let the schools do the formal training. Are the teachers serving as role models of the values they teach to their learners? Or are they just telling them well but not doing them well?

Third, are our government leader’s exemplars of good and positive values? Because only when they exercise power and authority within the bounds of positive values can governance be truly productive and expressive of the common welfare.

Today, in the cycle of this values regression, it is best that we be introspective and affirms for ourselves, to bounce back into the values of the good all days when life was a bit more secure, more stable, and empty of the sugar coated values that are downright detrimental to our state of progress. Again let us all be in accord to bring back the values of the good old days!

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