How to be a Happy Teacher

You are a teacher. You must be happy with   your  profession. A teacher must be properly nourished. “A healthy, happy life starts with proper nutrition.” It further affirms that proper nutrition is the key to healthy and happy future.

It emphasizes the belief that what we build on today will determine a happy and healthy tomorrow for everyone. To attain better health and live longer, a teacher must:

  1. Clear his mind of annoying psychosomatic illnesses such as fatigue, backache, headache, and asthma.
  2. Learn good eating and sleeping habits.
  3. Develop his mind to help heal his body of common ailments.
  4. Develop a happy outlook in life.
  5. Must have a regular medical check-up so that possible illness can be detected easily to prevent death on disability.

A teacher must be sensitive to the rising and falling of interest and energy, both on his part and on the part of his students. He must be sensitive to his changing moods and change the type of activity in which he engages himself. He must lose himself in work and forget the problems about which he can do nothing anyhow.

He must try concentrating on those few, which he can justify in terms of real-life needs. He must realize that the day has just so many hours in it and plan carefully, so that he knows exactly how to proceed. He must know precisely what he wishes to do and by checking his achievement, it will give him a feeling of accomplishment.

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  1. i think even if you’re not a teacher you should be happy in your chosen profession…correct? =)

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