How to Become a Good Student in High School

I’m not so good, but I try to be one. So here are some tips to be considered a good student in and out of:

  1. Follow school rules and regulations – Always be in complete uniform and wear your ID.
  2. Don’t use your cell phone during classes – Give respect to your teacher. There is so much time that you can use your cell phone outside the school.
  3. Greet your teachers and classmates – A simple good morning, good afternoon or hello is enough.
  4. Do not cheat and copy during examinations and quizzes – Just try the best that you can do. Remember the 2R (read and review).
  5. Always be present and study hard – If you get absent, you’ll miss the day’s lesson. Study hard and make your parents proud.
  6. Ladies First – Guys, you should respect women. It is a part of our values and culture.
  7. Cross at the pedestrian lane – This is for your own good to avoid accident.
  8. Listen to your parent’s and teacher’s pieces of advice – If you listen to them and followed their advices you will gain success someday.
  9. Avoid overpricing – About the activities and programs that need payment just get the exact amount of money from your parents. Don’t cheat them.

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