Making Classroom Discussions Lively

To make every classroom experiences enjoyable, classroom recitations and discussions provides opportunities for sharing and cooperative learning. It will give both the teacher and the pupil a serve of self – fulfillment thus leading to an improved performance. Continue reading “Making Classroom Discussions Lively”

Step To Quality Education: The Use Of Modern Instructional Devices

Inadequate and modern instructional devices is one of the major problems of schools today. A survey on the use of modern technologies in school around Asia revealed that the reason why our country ranked low in academic performance is due to the in availability of modern instructional devices in classrooms. With our present economy, the Department of Education find it difficult to supply all the schools with the needed learning materials, specifically, computers.

Continue reading “Step To Quality Education: The Use Of Modern Instructional Devices”

How to Encourage Pupils to Behave and Work in the Class

There are many ways how can we encourage our students to behave and work in the class in order to perform well. Here are the tips for the dear teachers on how to encourage students to behave inside the classroom. Continue reading “How to Encourage Pupils to Behave and Work in the Class”

Effective Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline

Every teacher has its own style to manage the classroom especially during the opening of school. Thus in order to teach, you must be able to manage your students. No matter how much potential you have as a teacher, if you are unable to control the students in your classroom, little learning will take place. And classroom management is an integral part of teaching and techniques of managing students both can and must be acquired by the teacher.

Poor classroom management and discipline are widely considered the major education problem among the elementary and secondary teachers, even though the media has centered on school bussing, school financing, declining test scores, and student drop outs. Every year discipline or the lack of it, has been the number one school problem of a teacher. Continue reading “Effective Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline”

Making Classroom Activities More Inspiring

To make classroom activities more inspiring to our pupils, we teachers need to try something new or we need to explore new ways on how to make our pupils learn the day’s lesson. We should not stick with the old methods or familiar method in teaching to make teaching-learning more enjoyable. Thus teachers should be in active in attending seminars and workshops wherein new motivation strategies will be taught and demonstrated. In attending these kinds of workshops, they will clearly understand the value of applying modern and holistic approach in teaching and they would be able to change the atmosphere inside their class from routinely to inspiring way of learning. Continue reading “Making Classroom Activities More Inspiring”

The Art of Memorizing

It is easy to remember easily the things that interest us. We remember best those that form sharp impression on our mind, and we form such impression only when we focus our attention consciously. The more we know about a subject, the easier it is to remember any new aspect of it. We are able to seize the fresh points, realize their bearing on the subject as a whole, and associate them with the knowledge we already possessed by mastering the points of difference.

The habit of forgetting cannot be cured in a day. We must learn to focus the attention and to form sharp impressions on what we see and hear. It does not matter which simple methods we adopt or whether we invent a method for ourselves. What important is that the memory trace must be consciously imprinted in our mind at the very moment when we are thinking. Memorize only when we need. Remember, A man with an exceptionally good memory does not cram his mind with facts that are best stored elsewhere; he keeps the precious space for essentials.

Gaining Respect from our Students

I always asked myself why there are teachers who are not very impressive looking, yet, they gain the respect of their pupils as well as the community, on the other hand, there are very impressive looking teachers but were not given due respect. I think the answer might be-the style of leadership and the character of teachers inside and outside the class.

Teachers who are true to their words, those who choose to become an incredible leader in front of their class, those teachers who knows how to respect the rights of their pupils, this kind of teacher will easily gain the respect of their students. People will not follow or obey somebody by accident. They follow teachers whose leadership they learned to respect. Continue reading “Gaining Respect from our Students”

Bringing Back the Values of the Good Old Days

We are experiencing today a state of moral corruption. This is evident in the kind of governance our state leadership is tucked in – a leadership that has caused and continues to cause a rift among the members of the populace. If we are to make an assessment, each person goes his own way, being torn apart by personal ideologies and personal advancement, empty of common interest. Gone are the days, when the flow of life was unbridled by confusion, by turmoil and economic dislocation. Where have all the values gone?

Sizing up the state of the nation’s values today, the trend has been going negative. Today we are rocked in the fabric of illicit acts ranging from hypocrisy, dishonesty, greed, and all other things vicious, bringing the country’s setup into a state of degradation, veering away from the positive values that were once the glories of the good old days. But how should these values return? Continue reading “Bringing Back the Values of the Good Old Days”

Modern-Day Educators Should Teach by Example

Thousands of behavioral psychologists all over the world confirmed that children who were born in this modern era were mold differently and are greatly influence by modern gadgets and equipments. Most parents and even teachers were unaware of the good and bad influence of these new technologies and how it affects our values, beliefs and attitudes. Thus, the example of adult leadership shown before our youth today must be carefully planned because it will be the deterrent in molding the kind of people we want our children to become. Continue reading “Modern-Day Educators Should Teach by Example”