Reaping the Reward of Being a Teacher

Being a Teacher is said to be the noblest profession, for me, it’s also the most rewarding. Though teachers need to sacrifice her life, her time, her family for the sake of her learners, it’s inspiring to know that a teacher will always be a part in the success of her pupils whether they’ll be teachers just like us, doctors, nurses, dentists, lawyers or even simple workers.It’s a great feeling seeing the fruit of our labors.

A simple “hello” or even a plain greetings from o former pupils whom they met along the road, barangays, markets, in a jeepney or somewhere else will a teacher happy. Knowing that they listened to all the advises that they gave and seeing them successful in their chosen field is a great, great reward to every teacher. Dedication and commitment given in the field of education was never in vain.

Money can’t buy everything.. the “joy” that teachers feel in knowing that their pupils turned into being productive and responsible citizen is incomparable…it’s the reward of being a teacher.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III
Orion Elementary School
Orion District

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