The Importance of Communicating with our Learners

Since teachers are said to be the second parent of the children, they are one of the strongest influence in the lives of our pupils. They play an important role in molding the kids. A study reveals that so many school children today lack interest in their studies, this is because most of them are affected by family problem… financial stability, broken homes, etc. It is in this situation that teachers should take time in listening and communicating with their pupils.

The time allotted in teaching Values Education must be prioritized so that teachers will be able to encourage her pupils and teach them the traits that a child must learn. Aside from this, she also needs to find time on having a one-on-one communication time with her pupils so she can help them in whatever situation they are facing.A listening Ear is vital when problems come in the life of her learner. A teacher needs to understand that she’s not only a plain teacher in the classroom but also a Guidance Counselor to her pupils.

If teachers truly want to inspire her learners, she also needs to set quality time with her pupils. This is one important ways of telling her kids that Love is in the Classroom.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III
Orion Elem. School
Orion District

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