A Reflection on the Teaching Profession

I have been a teacher for almost ten years but I feel I always a beginner. Every year I see several faces of children yet every child has a unique character and degree of perception contrary to the belief that “if one can get, why others cannot get too?” For every disciplinary measure I impose or reward I give, I always think that each child has a heart that feels and a mind that reasons out. The concept of child-centered education affects much of the quality of instruction. If a child understands the importance of education coupled with the enthusiasm of the parents, then quality is not far.

When I was assigned in a far barangay school, I had a hard time teaching a very slow-learner. Although she was a little bit older than her classmates, she could not do by herself simple numerical problems. Though she was poor in comprehension, I just let her pass not because of her diligence and kindness but because I believe she would develop later. I sacrificed my teaching standards.

There are many reasons why I should be happy with the teaching profession. Teaching is a way of sharing what I have. It is offering of oneself for the benefits of others. Occasionally fears, anxieties, boredom, and uncertainties confront the teacher in his daily practice or advancement of his profession. Nevertheless, without these pains, a teacher cannot experience happiness. We cannot define nor differentiate happiness if we have not experienced pain. After all, happiness is the ultimate goal of man and obtaining education is one way to have it. Though the process is long and painful yet it is sure.

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