Bullies… No More

Who among us never experience physical, emotional, mental or social abuse from our classmates or peers? In one way or another we became victims of these school bullies and experienced how being humiliated , exploited or discriminated in school. Luckily , some of us were able to surpass that stage but there were still who are being traumatized of these bullies.

Commonly the target of bullies are often the ones who are “ alone” and those who appear to be nerdy, small in stature or those who perceived as weak in personalities, that’s why victims often suffer from anxiety, and many develop low self-esteem or lost of self-confidence.

Fortunately the school children are now protected after the Department of Education released the Dep Ed Order No. 40. S, 2012 or known as Child Protection Policy wherein the children will be shielded against all forms of violence that may be inflicted by adults, persons of authority as well as their fellow pupils.

Bullies and bullying incidents can be eradicated if all will cooperate and work towards a safe and healthy school community. Thus it is the responsibility of the school to develop and maintain a safe and caring community by providing a comprehensive, school wide framework for the prevention of bullying or any form of discrimination or harassment. The school needs to ensure the pupils are given a consistent, coordinated and strong message by everyone in the school that bullying will not be tolerated and everyone will be protected against bullies.

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