Depression Among Teenagers

Depression is among the topmost emotional and mental struggles most young people go through nowadays.

Depression has been very rampant. As a result, these young people resort to many activities to like drug addiction, suicides, vandalism and many other juvenile acts.

Police reports usually have a share of a few teenage suicide attempts and those which have succeeded, many cases on drug addiction and alcoholism which are all results of depression.

It is very saddening that these things are happening at the time when there are so many platforms which can be used for diversion and enjoyment. The digital and technological environment that surround our young people seem to be affecting their emotional and mental more negatively than positively.

As we try to scan our Facebook walls, and if we have many young people “friends”, we will notice that many of them post “hugots” which are usually silent screams of their loads of depression.

Teenagers seem to have very low tolerance of pain – whether physical or emotional. And when they cannot take the pain anymore, it leads them to depression and eventually to some other serious and worse acts.

Depression is a very dangerous mental state because it can strongly dictate on people to do things which they wouldn’t do under normal state of mind. Depression triggers low self-esteem self-pity, anger and so many more negative emotions. And as depression builds up, it will eventually destroy the right track of mind of a person and who knows what happens next.

It is high time that the society pays attention to this problem. Depression is not only the problem of the teenagers. This is a problem of the whole society because when these young people are disturbed by their depression, the things they do out of depression can affect the whole community where the young person lives in starting with his/her family and circle of friends.

Depression has to be remedied if we want to save our young people – the future of our nation.

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