Gaining Respect from our Students

I always asked myself why there are teachers who are not very impressive looking, yet, they gain the respect of their pupils as well as the community, on the other hand, there are very impressive looking teachers but were not given due respect. I think the answer might be-the style of leadership and the character of teachers inside and outside the class.

Teachers who are true to their words, those who choose to become an incredible leader in front of their class, those teachers who knows how to respect the rights of their pupils, this kind of teacher will easily gain the respect of their students. People will not follow or obey somebody by accident. They follow teachers whose leadership they learned to respect.

To gain respect from our pupils … they must see that we know what we are doing and we must be able to make it clear to those around us that we know our job us teachers … we teach them not only lessons in school but above this, the lessons in life.

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