Qualities of a Competent Teacher

Teachers possess a strong power in their own capacity to direct the learners in becoming responsible citizens. Their communal hard work act as a driving power by which the goals and objectives of an educational scheme are being achieved. As such, teacher quality must be taken into account to make such goals reachable.

In an unstructured consultation with some administrators as to teacher capability, they considered manner towards work as the most favorable characteristic. Teachers’ personality traits had the greatest influence in moral values development. The student respondents tagged being approachable and responsible among teacher traits as their top priority.

Here are some aspects of teacher competence that appeal to administrators:

  1. Job-related knowledge. A competent teacher has full knowledge of the subject matter she teaches and must be familiar with the curriculum content. She possesses the zest and enthusiasm to explore/develop new teaching strategies that will fit the pupil’s level and pace of learning. She strives to know her pupils and can evaluate lessons.
  2. Communication skills. She is articulate and can communicate well. She participates appropriately at meetings/seminars with relative ease. As much as possible, she provides constructive criticisms only.
  3. Dependability. The teacher who works with minimal supervision and completes assigned tasks within a specified period is truly an asset to any system. She gives full support to every activity and does her best in everything she does. She can also be relied upon to be prompt in schedules such as meetings and appointments.
  4. Initiative. The competent teacher shows willingness to assume additional tasks and even volunteers to do other jobs apart from her regular teaching assignment. She has a streak of leadership within and can be independent in doing her job.
  5. Judgment. The competent teacher makes sound and mature decisions. She applies an analytically and a reflective approach to problems. She uses discretion so as not to jeopardize relations with colleagues and superiors.
  6. Adaptability. She has the ease to adapt and adjust to existing situations. She is open to feedback and new ideas and willingly supports changes when necessary. She can also be flexible to co workers and superiors.
  7. Professionalism. A good teacher adheres to rules, policies, and procedures with the highest degree of professionalism. She respects others ideas and opinions and exercises tact in dealing with others. She discharges official responsibilities faithfully and devotedly.
  8. Interpersonal skills. She has a warm and supportive nature and can work harmoniously with others. She has the ability to adjust to different personalities and goes for peace. She also respects other cultures and religions.

Truly, the teacher is the key factor in the learning process. She is looked upon as a social and moral model which carries with it a certain degree of prestige and respectability that must be fostered. She is not just practicing a profession, but she is out there for a mission, that is , to shape the total personality of the youth who will be the citizens of tomorrow.

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  1. This is a fact! Qualities of a teacher are very vital in her duty as an educator.

  2. Even today in modern times we need to appreciate the efforts that some teacher make in order to tackle their work and to produce state of the art students so I want teachers’ day to not only be the day dedicated but at all times

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