Strengthen the School Feeding Program for the Improvement of Pupil’s Class Performance

Good health has a significant impact on the performance of every pupil in the school. This can only be attained through proper nutrition. What if the child belongs to a poor family? What if the child only has meals twice a day? Can he ever attain proper nutrition?

July is Nutrition Month. This is also the month where teachers of different grade levels prepare reports on the Nutritional Status of the pupils in their classes therefore; this is the month where they can identify the number of malnourished pupils in their classes. These identified malnourished pupils should be the beneficiaries of the school feeding program.

The school feeding program is very beneficial to the malnourished pupils-the only way to help them gain the nutrients they need. If the school feeding program will be realized in every school, one of the problems that beset the performance of the pupils will be solved. As proof, a study was conducted in a Grade VI class. There were four pupils who were identified as malnourished individuals after determining their nutritional status. The first step taken was to determine their living status which included the occupation of the family, the monthly income of the family, other sources of income, and the number of family members.

The limbic, our emotional brain, is where pain and pleasure centers are located. If emotions are not brought to the conscious level and not fully expressed through words or sounds, illness or depression may result.

The neo-cortex, our rational brain, is the seat of academic learning. Information reaches the neo-cortex through the limbic system. Emotions, therefore, greatly influence our thinking.

According to research Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to manage our relationships and use it effectively. It includes self awareness and impulse control, persistence, zeal, and self motivation, empathy, and social deftness – qualities of people who excel both in human relationships and in the workplace. Deficits in EQ result in problems ranging from marital, parenting problems, and social and work problems to poor physical health.

The more recent of the types of intelligence appeared when neuro- scientists discovered the “God Spot” in the brain, the temporal lobe that lights up when monks and nuns are in deep contemplation and meditation, and when people ponder the deep meaning of human existence.

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