The Role of the School in Values Formation

All of us often encounter confusion about our values. But for our kid’s today, conflicts on values are more acute. With these, how can they learn to live decently and with integrity when the world surrounding him is full of conflict. Thus, the school must give importance in the values formation of each learner because next to the church and the home, the school is served as an influential institution in molding the attitudes of a person.

School must then offer relevant experiences and curriculum to their learners that they would be able to face the challenges and realities of life. Schools must focus on providing not only the best education to their pupils but the best training and the best formation to their pupils. Yet at present, most schools are centered in just giving head knowledge to their learners and often set aside the values formation of their pupils.

May we be enlightened that are pupils learn values the way, we educators teach them and also the way we live to what we know. The school where we are in need to understand this and the its role in the values formation of each child entrusted in our hands.

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Mrs. Edna G. Reñosa
Teacher III
Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary School

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