Vital Roles of Teachers

Teachers are main contributors of education. They pass on knowledge and values in every generation. They play crucial roles in developing and touching one’s life. In fact, they considered in a way as our nation builders. Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They had a long lasting impact on children in building up their future. They mold children with knowledge and values to prepare them for working life and to become good citizen of the nation.

A good teacher shows his affection and love to his pupils and affects children in almost every way like manners, styles and actions. This indicates how a teacher becomes a role model to his pupils. So teachers should maintain stature and behavior that upholds dignity, good moral and professional etiquette.

Having teachers with knowledge, wisdom and values are essential to achieve quality education. Classrooms are important to shield children while in the school, chairs to sit, pens to write and books to read but if there is no teacher in front of every classroom to motivate children to sit on their chair while listening, encourage them to write with their pen and teach them to read their books, the goal of having quality education will never be attained.

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