Begin With The End In Mind

A home builder begins with a blueprint. Writers work from either a written or a mental outline. Composers put on paper sounds that exist in their minds. Every physical creation starts as a mental creation—as an idea, a plan, an intention—and then gains physical shape through action or effort.

I’ve been in the department for almost two decades now, and as I continually search for self-fulfillment in the workplace, I usually ended up with frustrations and even worst rejections, simply because I tend to forget what I am working for and how am I going to accomplished things in beating the deadlines despite the surmounting paper works on my table and workloads that lies on my shoulder. I forget to prioritize things.

Beginning with the End in Mind is more than just thinking clearly about finished products. In addition to examining specific goals and plans, this habit involves looking at values and principles that give us general guidance. Be proactive, which means choosing our responses based on our values.

For most people, the habit of Beginning with the End in Mind means getting out of ruts and natural tendencies. We call this process “rescripting.”

We have a sort of mental “automatic pilot” that lets us do things without thinking about them. The more skilled we become at something, the more it becomes “second nature,” or subconscious, and we can do it and other things at the same time. That is often to our advantage.

But this capacity can also work against us. The automatic response may be patters of thought and behavior that limit us. When that is the case, running on automatic-pilot following our inner scripts without thinking about them—can keep us trapped in ineffectiveness. To become effective, we have to develop new patterns to replace the earlier, subconscious ones.

As we develop our values and set goals that apply them, we are rescripting ourselves, replacing ineffective patterns of thought and behavior with effective ones.

Changing mindset from negative thoughts to positive one can help us not only in dealing with our co-workers in the workplace but most importantly can lead us to be productive, thus, it yields better results in delivering quality service to our clienteles and we can only do this if we begin with the end in our minds with positive outlook.

Reference: Principles of Quality Living, Aboitiz & Co., Inc, 2011.

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