ICT in Campus Journalism

Campus journalism plays vital role in the life of very pupil thus thru RA 7079, journalism becomes a great part of every campus writer. Students are trained to be sensitive and just in expressing their views and commentaries on certain issues through the print media, and for some, through on air broadcasts. Artist-journalists spoof these issues through cartoons and caricatures.

Just like the professional journalists, campus journalists have gone a long way as far as information and communication of news are concerned. Many are now using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). More schools are now equipped with high-tech facilities needed in gathering, writing, producing, and reporting of news events. Gone were the days when school events were heard, read, and known very late. Thus, interest on the news was lost. Gone were the days when field reporters had to contend themselves with their papers and pencils to record news events and old-type cameras to take pictures of significance; and gone were the days when journalists had to carry the bulky, heavy, and old typewriter to write their news (I remember our school’s first issue of school paper was printed using pentel pens and crayons to give color effects to pictures and drawings, and recopied them using a copier machine ).

In today’s computer age, campus journalists are now seen with sophisticated and modern high-tech gadgets in gathering and informing about news events. Student journalists are now equipped with mobile phones with audio-video cameras, laptop computers, and tape recorders. Some carry with them computerized or digital cameras complete with photo developing gadget for fast and easy production & reproduction of visual images. Interesting snapshots can be developed right there in the midst of events a journalist is covering. When before, school paper staffers had to bring their dummy newspaper to the printing press house for the production of copies, today, the student journalists themselves can print their own school papers. Equipped with computers and knowledge of desktop publishing, student journalists can now encode, layout, and print their own school papers with lesser time and lesser expenses. We can foresee that soonest, campus journalists will be using audio-video phone transmitters to present live, actual, and on-the-spot news reports just like what the professional reporters did when they invaded war zones or made the live coverage of the funeral mass of Pope John Paul II.

With the use of this Information Communication Technology (ICT), we can be sure that the reach of campus journalism will be expanded to have a better, wider and exciting news coverage bringing balanced, accurate, and speedy news writing, reporting, and broadcasting.

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  1. This is very true, with school journalism students freely express what they think and feel inside and outside their campus. 🙂

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