Effective Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline

Every teacher has its own style to manage the classroom especially during the opening of school. Thus in order to teach, you must be able to manage your students. No matter how much potential you have as a teacher, if you are unable to control the students in your classroom, little learning will take place. And classroom management is an integral part of teaching and techniques of managing students both can and must be acquired by the teacher.

Poor classroom management and discipline are widely considered the major education problem among the elementary and secondary teachers, even though the media has centered on school bussing, school financing, declining test scores, and student drop outs. Every year discipline or the lack of it, has been the number one school problem of a teacher.

The problem of discipline is persistent in every elementary and even in the private and public for the following reasons:

  • Many students lack inner control and are unwilling to defer to teacher authority.
  • Many teachers lack systematic methods for dealing with disciplinary problems.
  • Many school administrators do not provide adequate support for teachers.
  • Parents failure to discipline youth in the home.

Your personality, philosophy, and teaching style will directly affect your managerial and disciplinary approach. There are effective approaches to classroom management and discipline and you must adopt and coincide them with your personal characteristics. The following suggestions are for teachers applying discipline:

  • Clearly identify expectations.
  • Take positions. Say, “I like that” or “I don’t like that.”
  • Use a firm tone of voice.
  • Use eye contact, gestures and touches to supplement the verbal message.
  • Give and receive compliments genuinely.
  • Indicate consequences of behavior and why specific action is necessary
  • Be calm and consistent, avoid emotion or threats.
  • Persist, enforce minimum rules, and don’t give up.
  • Establish positive expectations for student behavior, eliminate negative expectations about students.

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