How To Teach Basic Conversational English

In the conversational English lesson, the first rule, especially at the basic level, is to keep things simple, and to keep things at a level that a person would already know in their own language. So, the most basic topic is going to be personal information.

When you’re teaching your students English, the first thing that they’ll need to know is how to introduce themselves and how to react when people ask them things like what’s your name, where do you come from, what country do you live in, things like this. So, personal information, which they already know in their own language, will be the easiest thing for them to explain and to say in English.

The second thing would be things that are close to them. So things about their home, or their family, and these are also topics that they already know inside their own language, and so they will be able to more easily transfer these themes over in to English. Also in English, these topics are generally sentence structure, and the easiest grammar and vocabulary to learn, so most of your textbooks and English teaching materials will also start with these basic conversation topics.

Daily practice is a must. Grab the opportunities when you can talk with your students in English during classes and even during breaks. Informal conversations are more helpful, in fact. They tend to remember more of what the conversation is all about when done in a casual manner.

English is the universal language and helping our students learn at least the basic is essential. Remember that Filipinos are considered to be the best in English language, as compared to other Asians. Keep that reputation by helping our students learn the basics of the language in daily conversations and simple exercises.

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