K +12 A Solution To Quality Education

The Department of Education is now implementing the new K+ 12 scheme this school year wherein the new batch of first Graders and seventh graders undergo with the said curriculum. The said implementation of the new curriculum is part of the innovation and changes of the Philippine educational system.

Controversies, issues and concerns arose even before the full implementation of the new curriculum. Many disagreed when it was not yet well disseminated and people are not informed about the K+ 12, some said more urgent problems must be given more attention such as lack of teachers, classrooms, textbooks, increasing dropouts are only few to mention.

In spite of those objections and negative comments the Dep Ed is very determine in the pursuit for the better scheme of the Philippine curriculum since the aim of our educational system is to produce equip graduates with enough academic credentials to compete with college degree holders in terms of acquiring jobs thus the educational system is not only helping the graduates in seeking employment, making it easier for them to seek out job opportunities and helps parents to save up on college education.

With this aim , the Dep Ed is now providing a new enhanced curriculum which will also improve the basic education program that will serve as stepping stone for our educational system to give every Filipino child a quality education as part of having a quality life.

This new curriculum will be beneficial for school children to obtain life long skills which need to be taught in 10 years but now it will be given an additional two years to strengthen such skills which will be used by every graduate to the outside world in order to cope up with the fast pace of life and adapt with the modernization.

An educational reform is badly needed nowadays in order to compete with other countries. We need to make every Filipino well equip with better skills and knowledge needed to become competitive and productive citizens of our country thus this K+ 12 is one of the best solution we can have to achieve quality education.

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