Real Causes of Pupil Dropouts

Teacher plays a vital role in the educational program of every child. He is not only a dispenser of knowledge so to speak. He must be a model to the pupils, an inspiration to everyone, a motivator of learning, and parent to the learners in the school. In short, he is one who is being looked upon by his pupils as an individual possessing the good qualities, traits, and abilities which could shape the future of the learners.

Speaking of failures in school, some of the causes of pupil dropout are home environment, and even teacher factor. If the teacher fails to identify some of the causes that affect learning in children, then dropping out from school will surely happen.

For most, the causes are parents, acquaintances and even the exploitation of minors (pupils) whose parents require their children to help them earn a living by selling or vending as in the case of some minors selling cigarettes, newspaper, street foods, etc.

Aside from this, the pupil who stopped schooling may become a menace to society and may regress to illiteracy. There is a need therefore, to strengthen the holding power of the school to keep children of school age in school and even high school education.

Based on the findings, pupils dropout because of the following reasons:

  1. Pupils dropped out of school for varied reasons but mostly due to home conditions and personal reasons.
  2. They are not satisfied with their fate. They want a better life for themselves.
  3. Due to economic reasons brought about by broken family relationships, illness, and personal attitudes of the learners.
  4. Pupils are interested in acquiring vocational skills that will qualify them for better jobs.
  5. Due to socio-economic status and attitudes of parents toward the school.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that

  1. Teachers should closely watch and monitor a prospective pupil’s dropout for immediate counselling and guidance.
  2. Home visits and parental education should be undertaken by the school-parent involvement in the child’s education.
  3. The learning environment should be made conducive to the education of the child to encourage him to stay in school.

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  1. i think many factor are involve in being a drop-out! family, teachers and his environment.

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