The Art of Memorizing

It is easy to remember easily the things that interest us. We remember best those that form sharp impression on our mind, and we form such impression only when we focus our attention consciously. The more we know about a subject, the easier it is to remember any new aspect of it. We are able to seize the fresh points, realize their bearing on the subject as a whole, and associate them with the knowledge we already possessed by mastering the points of difference.

The habit of forgetting cannot be cured in a day. We must learn to focus the attention and to form sharp impressions on what we see and hear. It does not matter which simple methods we adopt or whether we invent a method for ourselves. What important is that the memory trace must be consciously imprinted in our mind at the very moment when we are thinking. Memorize only when we need. Remember, A man with an exceptionally good memory does not cram his mind with facts that are best stored elsewhere; he keeps the precious space for essentials.

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  1. This is a must for teachers out there who are trying to be a good examples to their students, thus it creates a deep impression for teachers and to motivate all teachers – to – be. I am glad i could learn all of these, though i have learn some of the suggestions from my prof. ed class. Above all, may these tips will be the guide for us teachers. The UNSUNG HEROES.

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