Creativity in Teaching Different Subject Areas

Being in the teaching profession and knowing that every child has an eagerness to learn, teachers must not be satisfied in doing his daily tasks in school but must be creative in teaching different subject areas and should consider the needs of their pupils. In our modern technological world, there is also a demand to explore the application of creativity.

Teachers must provide meaningful activities to their learners specially in teaching tool subjects like Science, English and Mathematics. Children should be given exercises and hands-on activities not only to develop pupil instructional materials interaction but also to encourage them to discover ideas based on their experiences. Children have different learning styles, some of them are interested in visual information and some are interested in auditory an ability that’s why teachers need to consider all these factors in preparing the days’ lesson.

Teacher’s creativity could be enhanced by allowing them to attend trainings and seminars-workshops and also thru research and also thru the guidance of the school head.

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