Modern-Day Educators Should Teach by Example

Thousands of behavioral psychologists all over the world confirmed that children who were born in this modern era were mold differently and are greatly influence by modern gadgets and equipments. Most parents and even teachers were unaware of the good and bad influence of these new technologies and how it affects our values, beliefs and attitudes. Thus, the example of adult leadership shown before our youth today must be carefully planned because it will be the deterrent in molding the kind of people we want our children to become.

We need to realize that we what they see and observed from us will lead to become honest, sincere, responsible, and committed citizens. That’s why we need to be careful in all our actions and even in our words and deeds.

Our children today were greatly affected by all the sins around us – vices, immorality and others. If we want to save their lives, we need to be role model to them.

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