Definitions Of Teaching

It is the consensus of both authoritative educational experts and laymen that teaching is a noble mission and may be roughly divided into art and profession. As an art it carries with it certain norms which are indispensable in imparting knowledge; as a profession it comprises a broad meaning which may be aptly termed as art plus other great human assets: character, dignity, integrity, social awareness, keen grasp of things, etc.

These definitions of teaching which I attempted to write may be loosely called teaching as an art and as a profession.

  1. Teaching is weaning away from popular white-collar jobs, an age-old tendency of youth in selecting a calling, For don’t we advise mentally weak pupils to shift to vocational courses wherein they are inclined and fit?
  2. Teaching is putting iron and steel into a teacher’s soul to attain his mission. As counsellors, teachers try to ward off other becoming those forlorn for whom others feel sorry.
  3. Teaching is brushing aside the dregs that defile a man’s life. How many mentors have helped straight ten the child’s moral fiber?
  4. Teaching is radiating the best in us. For aren’t we instrumental in giving the utmost and our best to the pupils?
  5. Teaching is understanding the needs of the other fellow. Don’t we give way to others to the point of sacrificing our personal interests ?
  6. Teaching is putting more brunt into the waves of ideas for words are effective tools of demonstrated value. For aren’t we receptive to thoughtful ideas and counsel?
  7. Teaching is an organized inquiry into the social, religious, and economic status of the child. It is a workable way of knowing how to solve individual problems.
  8. Teaching is a grand passion for continuous work. Have we not brought home the bulk of our paper work so we may not be marked inefficient in submitting reports?
  9. Teaching is making a man a fighter and a victory over his adversities. For is not it teaching when we stress perseverance and persistence among our pupils?
  10. Teaching is discipline. How can we expect others to behave well when we find ourselves loosely disciplined in our public and private life?
  11. Teaching is hunting for “wolves of fear and snakes of anxiety”. Teachers exert every possible effort to develop fear of the law, to instill consciousness in citizenship training, fear in the existence of a Divine Power Who is all power and all-loving and Whose humility is a torch that lights our way; and uneasiness of mind due to a perplexed condition is being meticulously and properly solved.
  12. Teaching is ferreting out undesirable traits. Are teachers not trying to substitute better traits to supplant the undesirable ones ?
  13. Teaching is cultivating the cohesive power of an inner harmony between husband and wife so that they may live happily on the basis of mutual affection and comradeship. For is not human and family relations a part of teaching ?
  14. Teaching is choking off tongue-lashing remark on silly and nonsensical response of pupils, We are rectifying the mistaken motion of scolding and embarrassing pupils and students when they unwittingly ask unnecessary questions in the course of an interesting and lively recitation. Aren’t we teaching them to think correctly and sensibly ?
  15. Teaching is taking in the situation that surrounds, and that which influences the pupils’ school and daily life. Is understanding the circumstances that influences the children’s lives not a part of the teaching profession ?
  16. Teaching is advising pupils to begin life on their own account as early as possible. The development of self-reliance and independence are two indispensable things students should know before they can call themselves fully educated.
  17. Teaching is sometimes the making of bricks without straw. How many times have we essayed to do the impossible in the not-so-distant future?
  18. Teaching is proving that efforts can offset the accidents of life. Were Abraham Lincoln and our own Andres Bonifacio not handicapped by these “accidents of life”?
  19. Teaching is learning to suffer cuts and bruises of emotional life. Do we not relish that we have failed ? Or, do we not simply shrug our shoulders and laugh it off when we aim at something but hit another thing?
  20. Teaching is strengthening and directing indigenous and latent abilities of the youth. Have we failed in our mission to the youth by neglecting to develop their innate abilities?
  21. Teaching is aspiring and working to be worthy of the respect of others. For don’t we value respect more than material reward?
  22. Teaching is admitting and omitting. Have we not knowingly or unknowingly admitted that we are very much superior to our pupils and students ? And sometimes we purposely omit the appreciation and praise very much due the youth ?
  23. Teaching is viewing life in its perspective; what life is as actually lived by us and not what life should be as claimed by the Romanticists.
  24. Teaching is knowing thyself. Socrates’ universal teaching evolved from this maxim. Knowing others is to know first one’s self.
  25. Teaching is taking things greatly to heart when teachers are misunderstood. How many times have we sighed and spent sleepless nights for having been misunderstood?
  26. Teaching is awakening. For have we not helped our pupil’s and students to dilate their vision so they may see clearly?
  27. Teaching is knowing and acting. For don’t we really do what we actually teach and preach?
  28. Teaching is disseminating all phases of information. Aren’t we looked up to as the best group who are supposedly well-informed?
  29. Teaching is sowing the seeds of nationalism, heroism, and patriotism. We keep on preaching the ideals and principles on which Jose Rizal, Apolinario Mabini, Marcelo Del Pilar, Andres Bonifacio and others lived.
  30. Teaching is providing the youth the necessary equipment so they may not easily bow out of competition in their struggle for existence. For have we not taught them to live bravely but decently as they square off for the battle of life?

Ariel D. Cañete
Abucay District ALS Coordinator

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