Making Classroom Discussions Lively

To make every classroom experiences enjoyable, classroom recitations and discussions provides opportunities for sharing and cooperative learning. It will give both the teacher and the pupil a serve of self – fulfillment thus leading to an improved performance.

To create a lively atmosphere during discussions, a teacher herself must be lively. Her personality will greatly affect the condition of her class that’s why it is very important for a teacher to be active and happy during discussions. She must also be pleasant and encouraging if the wants her learners to participate. She must be a good moderator so that the discussions would be effective. The teacher should also understand how to handle questions thrown or given by each pupil. Each question must be clearly answered to satisfy the confusions of the pupil. In addition to his, the teacher should know how to create a democratic environment inside the classroom so that all the pupils can freely air their opinion. If all the teachers would be able to apply these important things, them all classroom activities will be fruitful resulting to better performance of each class.

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