The Role of the Teacher in Elementary Education

The term teacher denotes the noblest of all professions. It is a profession that calls for a public service and sacrifice. Teaching is a public trust and such a teacher should render service as expected of him as a molder of the youth. He should be a symbol of dignity and honor in both his words and actions for the youth to emulate.

The teacher should try to implement all the thrusts of the government and Department of Education in order to help produce and develop an all around citizen, versatile and productive individual ready to help in the efforts for nation building.

The teacher prime responsibility is to develop among the youth, the value that is necessary to make our future citizens value-oriented, nationalistic, and peace loving people on order to attain an enduring peace in our country.

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  1. For me being a teacher is the next toughest profession after a mother! That’s why I have high respect for teachers!

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