It develops academic skills and social skills as a matter of fact there are academic and social gains in Cooperative Learning such as:

  1. Increase in academic achievement and promote their cognitive growth
  2. Promotes controversy
  3. Promotes development of children’s self-esteem
  4. Promotes pupils acceptance and difference
  5. View their teacher as more fair than those who do not use cooperative learning

The fact that in this strategy in English every pupil was given an opportunity to participate in small group. Each member has specific role to act out such as:

  1. recorder
  2. reporter
  3. checker
  4. decision maker
  5. networker
  6. summarizer
  7. organizer
  8. turn teller
  9. time keeper
  10. encourager

Through cooperative learning two basic group skills are also being enhanced first Basic Group Skills – which are chose bottom-line skills, second is Functioning Skills which enable the group members to work together effectively so that the group can accomplish its task.

Since Basic Education Curriculum was been introduced in the Abucay District particularly the English department had already adopted this strategy and found it effective. As of now English classes from Grade I-VI are using cooperative learning as part of their every day lesson.

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