10 Ways of Encouragement for Successful Study Habits

Teachers as second parents must act as motivator for pupils to develop good study habits but unfortunately nowadays teachers are facing hindrances and difficulty in motivating pupils to listen and study effectively. They have to find ways as well as different strategies to convince pupils to develop their urge to study. Reinforcements and rewards became the language of teachers just to captive pupils’ attention. Here are some ways of encouragement for good study habits:

  1. Learn to smile – start teaching with an angelic smile that inspires them the whole day.
  2. Learn to comfort – let the pupils feel the sense of belongingness, because it has to do with the avoidance of anxiety.
  3. Be friendly – let them feel that you are their friend for them to enhance and cure self-inferiority.
  4. Cite words of encouragement – for them to inspire and formulate ideas as well as to enhance creative thinking.
  5. Generate collaborations – for them to have a chance to speak and voice out their ideas and share some information.
  6. Get to know your teaching style – integrate some jokes or even short stories related to the lessons to avoid boredom on the part of learners.
  7. Develop effective strategies – evaluate your strategies if they are suited to your student’s capabilities.
  8. Learn to accept opinions and suggestions – praise them in the things they do so when they answer, help them to cultivate their suggestions by turning them into great ideas.
  9. Create visual materials – for them to captive their attention effectively during discussions.
  10. Show appreciation – learn to appreciate their biggest and smallest contributions.

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