A Model Student

An ideal student is one who study well, who do well in his environment, modest in his behaviour, honest in his thoughts and actions, obedient to his parents and other elders and possess discipline at all times.

Below are some of the characteristics of an ideal student:

  • Motivated – the student can perform assigned tasks in his own ways, with the end goal in mind of accomplishing the tasks and to give help to others.
  • Inquisitive – the student shows interest on a subject matter by asking relevant questions which will lead him to learn the things easily.
  • Cooperative – the student performs tasks by working with his group. He participates in class discussion by sharing his ideas and skills to achieve the goal of his group.
  • Enthusiastic – the student shows spirited manners during class discussion.
  • Hard-working – the student proves that he is diligent in spite of difficult activities and projects in the school.
  • Open, talkative – student shares his ideas and real life experiences to his classmates.
  • Patient – the student uncomplainingly do the assigned tasks in spite of the struggle of finishing school requirements. He does researches to be able to learn simplified methods of the subject matter.
  • Independent – the student learns to rely on his own capabilities in doing school projects. He applies and explores the knowledge and skills being imparted by his teacher.


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