Building a Parent-Teacher Relations

Many parents become frustrated whenever some teachers informed them of the misconduct and unfavorable condition of their children in school. They get annoyed and irritated when teachers talk on the weaknesses of their kids and sometimes their conversation leads to misunderstanding. Are the teachers alone need to be blamed on the matters pertaining to their kids? or parents need to understand the importance of parent-teacher partnership in molding the children?

Parents should be aware that whatever values a child has when he enters the school is the result of how they were trained at home, so if they desire to mold them to become better there must be good partnership between the parent and the teacher. Both of them must take time to discuss matters about their kids and both must be willing to accept ideas and suggestions for the improvement of the child. If one party failed to take his part, then, their goal will never be achieved.

There must be spirit of openness among parents and teachers.. there must be love and concern. If they want to train a child the way he should be.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III
Orion Elementary School
Orion District

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