Teachers as Agents of Change

As we move on to the 21st Century, there are lots of changes that will take place not only in the field of education but also in other areas of our lives. There are changes happening and being introduce in our way of living, in our schools, in the place where we live and around the world. People seems to be curious about all these modern stuff and everyone wants to understand the things going on around us.

In school, there are also instructional materials being used that is new to teachers and pupils, best example is the use of interactive white board in teaching. Since teachers undergo training’s on how to use it, she is then responsible in transmitting the idea to the learners. The use of new methods and techniques in teaching tool subjects like English, Math and Science must also be properly disseminated so that our pupils will be updated on the changes happening around especially on the use of devices.

Change… there will be more as days go by. Teachers must be an active instrument of it so that the teaching-learning environment will improve.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III
Orion Elementary School
Orion District

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