The Importance of teaching Values Education among Children

Teachers were only given 20 to 30 minutes allotment everyday in teaching Values Education. Since our kids today are behaving differently and we say losing Filipino values like Love of God, Love of Country, Kindness, Commitment  Responsibility, Respect and other Christian virtues, teachers need to exert effort in molding the kids of today thru Values Education.

With the given time allotment, a teacher can encourage her pupils to prepare dramatization, read stories, poems and other materials that will exhibit the Filipino Christian values. She needs to maximize the time so that each learner will fully understand the importance of practicing the given traits.Teachers should also find time to search videos or short films that will help in making her pupils understand the different character traits.

Not only during the time of allotted in teaching Values Education that a teacher can inculcate such traits, in teaching other subjects like HKS, Filipino, Math, English, EPP, MSEP and Science, she can also integrate Filipino values. There are actually a lot of ways on how Values Education can be taught.. the creativity of teachers in teaching it lies on it.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III
Orion Elementary School
Orion District

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