The Importance of Seminars and Trainings in Improving Teachers Performance

It is the goal of the Department of Education that every teacher will become not only efficient but also effective. It is in this mission that today, a lot of training’s and seminars are being conducted to improve and develop the craft of each mentor in school. The Department fully understand that everything rises and falls on the teachers capability to bring learning at the heart of every pupil.

Training’s and seminars on ICT, new methods and techniques in teachings, orientations on the K-12 Curriculum, Values Formation Seminars and the likes are being held in different parts of the country so as to prepare all the teachers in globalization. Their attendance to these seminars will help create an effective learning environment, improve teaching-learning situations, keep updated on modern instructional devices and inspire them to become better teachers in the modern world. Since the department is offering free training’s and seminars, teachers must grab this opportunity for self- improvement.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III
Orion Elementary School
Orion District

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