Modern Teachers in the Modern World

A lot of technology advances can be seen today in terms of computers, cellphones and other gadgets. It’s nice to know that these materials are also being used in the field of education. Today, teachers were encouraged to use Interactive White board, computers, laptop, netbooks and other updated equipment in teaching. There are even some schools who are now using tablets in their class instead of the traditional method. A big change was observed not only in our country but around the world regarding the use of these modern equipment’s in teaching.

But our values should never be set aside though we are now living in the modern times. Teachers should never forget to inculcate Love of God, Love of Country, Respect, Industry, Obedience, Kindness and other traits as they continually inspire their pupils to learn. With the advances in education, our teachers must remain the same… armed with dedication, commitment and passion of transforming their learners to become better.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III

Orion Elementary School
Orion Distric

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