Teachers Need to Teach by Example

A lot of teachers and even parents today often says that our children today are far, far different from the kids of yesterday. Its painful to know that the kids who were once kind, respectful, honest, loving, humble, industrious and God- fearing turned into being arrogant, dishonest, unloving, unkind and worst of it are now rebellious. We thought of the reasons why this thing happened and what should be done to save them.

Let us be reminded that living by example is the greatest force that molds our kids. If we want them to grow the way we want them to be, then we must be cautious of all our actions. We must ( both the teacher and parent) be good example of showing respect, honesty, courtesy, Love of God, kindness, humility and other virtues to our children. We must be careful with our words and actions if we want to bring back the kind of children that we used know in our times. We need to take time in nurturing them and watching their actions. Remember that we play vital roles in molding our kids.


Mrs. Ruvirosa B. Felipe
Teacher III
Orion Elem. School
Orion District

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